Everything is About to Change as SM11B Dream League Hits the Pokémon TCG!

Everything is About to Change as SM11B Dream League Hits the Pokémon TCG!

Posted by Braysh Gaming on 1st Aug 2019

A brand-new rarity is on the Pokémon TCG horizon! The latest expansion is bringing in some awesome new cards and unexpected changes, including incredible CHR "Character Rare" cards - introducing SM11B, Dream league!

Released August 2nd and available to order from Plaza Japan now, there's much more to this 49+ cards subset than meets the eye! For the first time in the Sun & Moon era, it seems that the characters are taking centre stage!

This doesn't mean that we miss out on new GX and Tag Team GX cards. Far from it! In fact, these have also had a huge shakeup, with all the GX cards of SM11B featuring signature Trainers in the artwork, including fan-favourite N riding on Reshiram & Zekrom GX !

That’s right, N's signature Pokémon from the Unova region are teaming up for a card of Legendary proportions! Having both featured on previous popular Tag Team GX cards, this time they're back together to wreak havoc with their almighty Cross Break GX attack! This attack will not only deal a massive 170 damage to one of you opponent's Benched Pokémon, but if you also played brand-new Supporter N's Resolution this turn, you can do the same damage to a second Benched Pokémon. No place will be safe with this card around!

The popularity factor doesn't stop there either. Another huge card in this set will be Solgaleo & Lunala GX - featuring Lille! This isn't the last time we'll hear from Lille in this set by any means, but this fantastic Tag Team GX has the same GX attack bonus as Reshiram & Zekrom GX. This of course means there must be a new Lille Supporter, and there is - Lille's Full Power!Full Power indeed, as Light Of The Goddess GX will usually do 200 damage, but by playing Lille's Full Power that turn, all effects of attacks, including damage done, are all prevented from your Pokémon during your opponent's next turn! Protection and power at its finest.

No alternate art in Dream League this time for Tag Teams, however - but it's well worth it. The SR "Full Art" and HR "Hyper Rare" versions of all four GX cards are incredible, and almost like alternate arts in themselves. Gone are the generic computer-generated graphics of 5Ban Graphics and Planeta it seems – this is pure artistic brilliance!

Yes, we did mention four GX's there! The other two regular GX's are Vileplume GX featuring Erika and Silvally GX featuring Gladion! Again, both incredible cards that follow the same beautiful SR and HR artwork with their respective Trainers. There really isn't a bad card in this set.

At this point, we would usually move onto the TR "Trainer Rare" cards - but they have been replaced by the mysterious new CHR "Character Rare" cards! More on this shortly...

For now, we will look at the brand-new Items here in SM11B, and once again they're both character themed. Lana's Fishing Rod and Lille's Pokédoll arrive (yes, technically the fifth potential Lille-related card so far!), with both already confirmed as gold UR "Ultra Rare" cards. The Stadium card Power Plant is also included as UR only - but we think there are a lot of more interesting things to be found in this set.

We've already mentioned N's Resolution and Lille's Full Power as new Supporters, and making up that roster is Rosa! You can only play Rosa when one of your Pokémon was Knocked Out during your opponent's last turn. You can then search your deck for a Pokémon, a Trainer card, and a basic Energy card, and add them to your hand! That's some effect from one of Unova's original Trainers!

So, what's the deal with these new Character Rare cards? Think of them as Super Rare versions of some of the regular Pokémon featured in Dream League, alongside their signature Trainers. An example of this is the set promo, Clefairy, of which is a full art glossy card accompanied by Lille (again?!). Aside from the set promo, there are a further twelve CHR cards to collect in SM11B. We won't mention them all here, but expect to see the likes of Wishiwashi with Lana, Gallade with Wally, Magnemite with Lt. Surge, Mimikyu with Acerola and even Pikachu with Red! Mystery solved?

We're not quite sure what the pull rate will be on these new CHR cards, but we can't wait to dive into a box and find out!

That's a wrap for Dream League. The TCG is about to face its biggest overhaul possibly since the Sun and Moon era began! Incredible new art style to the GX and Tag Team GX cards, exciting new Trainers, and, of course, the fresh off the press CHR Character Rares! This set has it all. Has your favourite character made the cut? SM11B is set bursting with excitement, and if by now you want a box of your own, then you’re in the right place!

We would advise to act quickly on this one - it's going to be popular! Don't miss out and order from Plaza Japan today!