It's time to shine in the latest Pokémon TCG expansion - SM8B, GX Ultra Shiny!

Rowlet dartrix decidueye

It's time to shine as the Pokémon TCG introduces a brand new high-class expansion ready to rock the Pokémon TCG world. Introducing SM8B, GX Ultra Shiny! Decidueye GX will be shiny "SSR", Rowlet and Dartrix will also be ultra rare as shiny "S" cards! This set also brings alternate art to some staple-hold Full Art Supporters such as Guzma! Pokemon have already showed off a few of these SSR Shiny GX Pokémon. Joining Decidueye is the likes of Shiny Charizard GX, Shiny Rayquaza GX and whole host of others!

sm8bDecidueye sm8bCharizard sm8brayquaza

"SSR" Rayquaza has a set number of a whopping 240/150 - meaning that already there are over 90 ultra rares in this set, including the new "S" rarity cards! No other set in the Sun and Moon era has come anywhere close, and who knows how long that list will go or just how many GX Pokémon will be hidden as "SSR”? Ultra Shiny GX appears to be a journey of endless mystery - and we can't wait to uncover its secrets!

sm8bLycanroc SM8B isn't even limited to reprints only, as already revealed is a brand new GX Pokémon card - Dusk-form Lycanroc GX! The popular Dusk-form Lycanroc finally joins its Midday and Midnight forms in the TCG as the final piece of the Rockruff evolution trio.

When it comes to Prism Stars, GX Ultra Shiny mixes the old with new! Once again, some of the most popular Prism Star cards in the game so far have been reprinted. Lunala, Diancie, Solgaleo and Beast Energy are back, but not alone. Joining these TCG favourites are two brand new cards, including a Sky-Forme Shaymin! Sinnoh's Mythical Grass-type has a powerful attack called Flower Storm, doing 30 damage for each basic energy attached to your Pokémon. Joining Shaymin as the other new Prism Star card is the Stadium card Wonder Labyrinth.Shaymin sm8b

Moving on to Trainer cards, there's a lot. It seems that almost every useful Item card has been reprinted in SM8B. Cards such as Beast Ring , Field Blower, Mysterious Treasure and Rescue Stretcher are part of a 16-Item line-up waiting to be found! We're not sure what to expect when it comes to SR Items this time - but it's not as if this set is lacking ultra rares!

Ingo noborism8b

We're expecting a whole host of reprinted, alternate art and brand-new Supporters too, but for now all we can say is that Team Skull Leader, Guzma, is back as a reprinted Supporter and that a brand-new FA Supporter has been revealed. Battle Mansion leader Morgan hits the TCG in epic style but requires her Battle Chatelaine sidekicks to use her devastating power! Morgan cannot be played unless you discard Nita, Evelyn and Dana from your hand. In doing so, you may look at the top 12 cards of your deck and attached any energy cards you find there to your Pokémon in any way you like! Talk about team work!

From leaders of the Battle Mansion to the Battle Subway - Ingo & Emmet is the other new Supporter card revealed for SM8B. 

Other Supporters such as Acerola and Cynthia are also reprinted in this set, but it's yet to be confirmed if they will join Guzma in receiving an alternate Full Art card. With a huge 13 Supporters in this set, we are expecting Ingo & Emmet to turn “SR” and more.

Acerola Cynthia Guzma

There we have it. We could talk for hours about the endless possibilities hidden away in GX Ultra Shiny. There are still so many secrets to be discovered and shiny Pokémon to find - and we're really hoping to find a shiny Charmander somewhere! This high-class set quite simply cannot be missed, so don't miss out on the shiny hunt and order a box of SM8B from Plaza Japan today!