Darkness descends in the latest Pokémon TCG expansion - SM8A, Dark Order!

The sun goes down and the Dark type Pokémon are causing a stir in the latest Pokémon TCG expansion - SM8A, Dark Order!

Released October 5th and available to 'dark' order from Plaza Japan now, the brand new 56+ subset is focusing on Dark-types - just in time for Halloween! Dark Order even includes a reprint and type-change for Alola's most ferocious starter Pokémon - Incineroar GX!

Following Ninetales GX in Fairy Rise, Incineroar GX becomes only the second Pokémon to receive a second GX card - and despite its new Dark-type, it still burns bright! Incineroar is known for getting stronger after taking a few hits, and this is reflected in its attributes. The Ability "Scar" will add three damage counters and three Dark energy to Incineroar, as it prepares to unleash Darkest Tornado GX! This powerful GX attack does 10 damage, plus 50 more for each damage counter, so it's easy to see why combining it with "Scar" will cause your opponent some serious damage!

Of course, Incineroar isn't the only new GX Pokémon. Kalos's Legendary Dark-type Hoopa GX joins the battle along with Swords of Justice leader Cobalion GX and Ampharos GX, of whom just missed the SM8 bus to Johto it seems! Ampharos's "RR" GX card looks particularly impressive for those without a fear of heights. With a city skyline in the background, Ampharos could easily be sitting in the lighthouse it's found atop in the Gold and Silver games!

We've already been treated to the stunning Full Art "SR" versions of Incineroar GX and Hoopa GX prior to release, and we can't wait to see what's in store for Ampharos and Cobalion. All GX Pokémon will of course be available to pull in rainbow-style “HR” too!

Dark Order introduces a real mix of generations, and that trend continues into the Prism Stars. Tapu Koko flies in from Alola to introduce some electrifying edge to your deck with "Ancestor's Dance"! This ability allows you to add a Lightning energy from your discard pile to two of your benched Pokémon, but then sends Tapu Koko to the Lost Zone. Tapu Koko also brings it's "Mach Bolt" attack, dealing 120 damage.

Rounding off the Prism Star cards in SM8A is another Stadium card, and of course it's going to benefit your Dark-types! When Black Market is in play, and your opponent knocks out any of your Dark-type Pokémon with a Dark energy attached to it, your opponent will take one less prize card! We're already trembling thinking about the terrifying combination of Black Market and Incineroar GX!

Dark Order introduces three new Items too, making it far easier to predict what will be Secret Rare this time after the guessing game with Super-Burst Impact! We're quietly confident that all three new Items will be "SR" as Electric Charger, Dangerous Drill and Metal Goggles are all introduced for the first time, providing a real range of assistance for various types.

Our favourite part is always the new "SR" Supporters! There have been some real stand-out cards recently and we're hoping that the inclusion of two new Supporters in Dark Order will be no exception. A notable exclusion in the Sun and Moon era thus far has been Nanu, but the Kahuna of Ula'ula Island is a Dark-type specialist and he finally makes his TCG debut here in SM8A! Playing Nanu will allow you to swap a basic Dark-type Pokémon from your discard pile with a Pokémon already in play - and keep all its attachments too! A TCG 'Baton Pass' to the discard pile!

The second of two new Supporter is Jasmine, the "Steel-Clad Defence Girl" and Gym Leader from Johto's Olivine City is here to add some Metal to the darkness! Jasmine allows you to choose one Metal-type from your deck and add it to your hand, but if you go second on your first turn, playing Jasmine will let you add FIVE Metal Pokémon to you hand! Talk about a steel-clad defence! As always, we can't wait to see what both new introductions will look like in "SR" Full Art form.

Are you ready to shroud your opponents in darkness? The Dark Order has begun and shows no signs of stopping, and with Plaza Japan it doesn't have to! Maybe combining the likes of Black Market and Zoroark GX has already crossed your mind? Perhaps Incineroar's devastating GX attack has you in awe? SM8A is a Pokémon TCG expansion not to be messed with, so don't miss out and order from Plaza Japan before the sun rises!