Solve the Mysteries of Rhyme City with the Great Detective Pikachu TCG!

Solve the Mysteries of Rhyme City with the Great Detective Pikachu TCG!

Posted by Braysh Gaming on 25th Apr 2019

Magnifying glasses and detective caps at the ready - We're off to solve the mysteries of Rhyme City with the special Pokémon TCG release - Great Detective Pikachu!

Released May 3rd and available to order from Plaza Japan now, this very special 25-card TCG release is based on the brand-new live-action movie "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu"!

Ever seen the scales of a Charizard? This set may sound small, but what it lacks in numbers it more than makes up for in unique style! The artwork for Great Detective Pikachu is made up entirely of the live-action CGI directly from the movie, meaning you'll be able to see every detail right down to the last hair on Arcanine's mane and bubble from Squirtle's mouth!

It wouldn't be a Pokémon TCG expansion without some GX cards - and some that even Ryan Reynolds would be proud of!

This special set doesn't drop the ball when it comes to the usual TCG expectations. The Great Detective Pikachu set also brings with it Charizard GX, Greninja GX and Mewtwo GX in an incredible GX meets live action explosion! After seeing these, The Pokémon TCG will have you wondering if Pokémon are indeed real after all!

The Japanese release isn't limited to just Pokémon either, boasting an exclusive Super Rare card not available elsewhere around the world! Alongside his Snubble partner, one of the main characters from the film, Lt. Yoshida, will come hidden inside each box of Great Detective Pikachu as a Full Art Supporter! That's an SR you can rely on!

In fact, all three GX cards will come concealed alongside this Japanese-only SR in every box, meaning that your Great Detective Pikachu set will be complete with just one box! No mystery card will be left unsolved!

So, get your cup of coffee ready, this commemorative one-of-a-kind set will be one to keep! The film Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is breaking down all barriers set before it, and the TCG has followed suit. Rhyme City is yours to discover, so get out there and order from Plaza Japan today!