Trainer Travels: All the Locations of Pokemon Games

Trainer Travels: All the Locations of Pokemon Games

Oct 19, 2020

Have you ever wondered if the locations of Pokemon games are modeled after real places? As a matter of fact, they are. Let’s go on a journey together to pinpoint all of the Pokemon game locations in the main games. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their origins.

Pokemon Red and Blue


Many of the locations of the Pokemon games are similar to regions in our world. That’s especially true of Pokemon and Japan. Consider Kanto, which is the main location in Pokemon Red and Blue. The Japanese Kanto region is nearly identical to the Kanto in Pokemon. Playing the game can make it feel like you’re visiting Japan for real. That’s just one reason why fans of the franchise love the Red and Blue installment!

Pokemon Gold and Silver


The Pokemon game locations in Pokemon Gold and Silver will take you straight to Japan through gameplay, too. Its geography matches up with the Kansai region of Japan, as well as Tokai and Shikoku, which are located in the east. You can tell by the graphics in the game, which feature gorgeous temples and the architecture seen in the IRL version of Kansai.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire


Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (and Emerald) mark the third-gen of Pokemon. The game takes place in Hoenn, which is basically an in-game version of Kyushu, an island in Japan. Hoenn, like Kyushu, has an abundance of little islands scattered around the big island. It’s a subtropical region that has both deserts and rainforests.

Pokemon Diamond and Silver


Do you love the snow? Then you’ll enjoy the Pokemon game locations in Diamond and Pearl! The game takes place in Sinnoh, which resembles the northern Japan region of Hokkaido, known for its northern charms and its snowfall.

Pokemon Black and White


Pokemon Black and White is an exciting game because it brings a new location to the Pokemon universe. Rather than taking after a region in Japan, Unova, the starring setting, is quite a bit like New York City. It’s entirely metropolitan, which gives it a slightly more modern vibe. Look for merch in the Pokemon Center. You won’t be able to deny the resemblance.

Pokemon X and Y


The Pokemon game locations for X and Y take you to France. Kalos is inspired by the northern region of the country. As you play, you’ll be able to spot the Eiffel Tower, as well as Versailles. The music of the game is purely French, as is the fashion.

Pokemon Sun and Moon


Alola is the main location of Pokemon Sun and Moon. If it looks like you’ve seen it before, that’s because it’s based on beautiful Hawaii. Even the name of Alola is a cheeky nod toward “aloha.”

Pokemon Sword and Shield


Galar is the setting in Sword and Shield, home to a variety of exotic Pokemon. The Japanese Pokemon cards featuring Galar are breathtaking, in part because the region is modeled after Great Britain. You’ll see aspects of England and Scotland in the game.

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