Unique Stocking Stuffers and Fun Japanese Toys for Kids

Unique Stocking Stuffers and Fun Japanese Toys for Kids

Dec 7, 2020

Stockings are all about smaller gift items. In fact, sometimes, these little surprises are just as enjoyable as the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. Instead of treating them to the same old thing, you can browse through the selection of unique stocking stuffers for kids at Plaza Japan to uncover Japanese toys, magic tricks, puzzles, and plush stuffed animals. Watch your children’s faces light up with joy when they dump out their stocking to find fun Japanese toys, games, and snacks. What do you think your children will enjoy the most?

Exciting Gifts from Nintendo

unique stocking stuffers for kids

Nintendo continues to be one of the biggest and most popular brands in gaming, so it stands to reason that you can find plenty of unique stocking stuffers for kids that have a Nintendo theme. This year, think about getting the kiddos a few Nintendo action figures. There are numerous options from which to choose, including Amiibo figures of their favorite characters. Not only can they play with their Amiibos, but they can also enhance their video game play with them. In addition to Amiibo figurines, we offer fun remote-control options that can bring favorites like Mario Kart to life. The kids can stage a real-life, real-time race of their own!

Something to Cuddle

Sunlemon unicorn plush toy

Sunlemon Plush Doll FLUFFIES RAINBOW Unicorn ($11.59)

Plaza Japan is beyond proud of our selection of plushies. There’s nothing better than a fun Japanese toy to hang out with or cuddle as you sleep. Your children will adore their new toy, no matter what kind of plushy pal they find in their stocking. Take a look at our array of Pokémon plushies, including miniature keychains, and our cute Studio Ghibli stuffed animals.

You can also browse through our collection of adorable Sunlemon plush dolls. If your kids are into fantastical creatures, then they’ll go wild for Sunlemon’s dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes. You can also surprise them with precious kittens and puppies that are so cuddly and soft, they resemble the real thing.

Vivid Puzzles

Disney Pixar character jigsaw puzzle

Tenyo Jigsaw Puzzle Disney Pixar Character / Great Collection (All Characters) (2000 Pieces) ($43.58)

Playing with puzzles is a time-honored hobby that makes for hours of fun. The puzzles at Plaza Japan are works of art. From Disney scenes and Pokémon landscapes to replicas of famous paintings and depictions of well-known landmarks, there’s a puzzle for everyone. Choose something that the kids can assemble themselves, or pick out puzzles that the entire family will enjoy putting together. After fitting the final piece, carefully glue the puzzle to a piece of posterboard and hang it on the wall for display.

Video Game Accessories

a Nintendo Switch with black covers

Hori Silicon Cover Set for Nintendo Switch($17.67)

Accessories can make video games much more fun. Official video game accessories also make unique stocking stuffers for kids who love to game. Your child may need a new controller for his or her favorite console. Similarly, a stylus can increase a game’s versatility. Surprise your child with a headset or a cool new controller. You’ll also find a plethora of protective accessories in our collection, such as Switch covers.

Tasty Snacks for the Holidays

a selection of Japanese sweets

Assortment Japanese Chocolate Dagashi Set - 20 Pieces Small **Winter Special Set** ($6.46)

Along with a stocking full of fun Japanese toys, you can surprise the kiddos with authentic Japanese snacks. Your kids will flip over traditional favorites with a Japanese twist, such as chocolate candy bars flavored with green tea. We also have snack boxes that are filled to the brim with tasty treats. From cookies to candies, you’ll easily find something to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth. You may want to buy extra for mom and dad, as well!

Plastic Models

Bandi Gan Ning Crossbone figure

Bandai SD Sangoku Soketsuden 30 Gan Ning Crossbone Gundam Plastic Model ($6.10)

As you shop for unique stocking stuffers for the kids, make sure that you check out our assortment of plastic models, as well. Some of them are already assembled, while others need to be put together. You can also find models that are pre-painted so that all your child has to do is assemble them. Some models are too big to fit into a stocking, but that’s all right. Tools, paintbrushes, and paint colors are perfect to slip into a stocking, and they’ll add to your child’s enjoyment as he or she builds a new model with you.

A Little Bit of Magic

Tenyo Toy Story 4 magic trick toy

Tenyo Japan 117286 Toy Story 4 Dream Toy Box (Magic Trick) ($13.11)

The holidays are full of magic. To find fun Japanese toys that add to the wonder, check out our authentic magic trick kits. Your kiddo can become a true magician in no time. A simple card trick kit is perfect for beginners, but we have more than that on offer. There are plenty of one-of-a-kind tricks that your child can practice over the holiday break, all in preparation of wowing his or her friends. Do you think your child would prefer a magic rope trick or a classic cross trick? Surprise him or her with fun gag gifts, too, such as party poppers.

Cool Crafts

a paper theater from Plaza Japan

Ensky Paper Theater Sumikko Gurashi At a Snack Shop ($12.20)

Like our plastic models, our paper theaters are unique stocking stuffers for kids. The assembly is more than worth the final product, which will give your child something beautiful to put on display. Peek at the myriad of theaters available at Plaza Japan. We have scenes from Studio Ghibli movies that will allow your child to experience the joy of the films. You can also pick out Disney-themed paper theaters depicting memorable scenes from your child’s favorite movies. As an added bonus, we have display cases that can safely house the theater once it’s been put together.

Discover an array of unique stocking stuffers for your kids this holiday season. Spoil them with surprise gifts that will entertain them for hours on end. Plaza Japan is well-known for having something for everyone, including your kiddos. What will you put into their stocking this year?