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Fine Molds Plastic Models

Fine Molds models have a retro-inspired appearance and include models that look like they might have been all the rage in the 1950s or 1960s. Fine Molds is a fun brand that's ideal for hobbyists of all ages and skill levels. Thanks to this vintage vibe, most models from the brand tend to have an antique patina that lends to their authenticity. We guarantee that once you try the Fine Molds brand, it will become your new go-to! Which Fine Molds model from Japan do you want to assemble first?

Unlimited Fun with Fine Molds Models!

Fine Molds models are both retro-inspired and true-to-life. Choose a battleship model, for example, and once you fit together the final piece and swipe on the last dollop of paint, it will appear ready to set out to sea! Fighter jets and planes from big battles throughout history look like they’re prepared to take flight in the sky.

The Fine Molds models in our stock include molded kits where you just have to add individual pieces, while the all-hands-on-deck kits that allow you to assemble and paint every bit of the model yourself from start to finish. Searching for other historically accurate model kits? Check out our selection of Hasegawa models for more fun military options!

Easily Customizable

You can even discover accessories and enhancements when you shop for Fine Molds from Japan! Add a machine gun to your tank or alter the outer appearance of your destroyer. Thanks to the brand's versatility, you can stretch the limits of your creativity whenever you sit down to piece together a model!

Looking for something that’s finished and ready to proudly display? Explore our collection of finished models! Discover Fine Molds models and other Japanese plastic model kits today at Plaza Japan!