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Tomytec Nostalgic Tetsudo Collection Series No.2 One Carton (10 Trains) (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY14,300
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- The second "Nostalgic Railway Collection" that can be said to be a return to the origin of iron collection!
- Summarized the settings for all non-electrified sections.
- 1/150 scale N gauge size painted and assembled blind package
- 10 types in total + 1 secret type


1) Tomii Electric Railway Diesel Locomotive
It is used as a quotation for passenger cars and freight cars in non-electrified sections except the Nekoya Line and Minato Line.

2) Tomii Chemical Industry Diesel locomotive
It is used as a locomotive for replacement from the Tomii Electric Railway Main Line to the Tomii Chemical Industry Factory.

3) 4) Tomii Electric Railway KIHA 90
It is the first new diesel railcar in the Tomii Electric Railway main line system. There are two types, one with a brown obi at the time of its appearance and the other with a two-tone color that appeared later.

5) 6) Tomii Electric Railway KIHA 200
It is a newly built diesel railcar following the KIHA 90 type. At the time of its appearance, there are two types of paint, one is brown with a band, which is the same as KIHA 90, and the other is two-tone, which is the same as KIHA 11 on the Nekoya Line.

7) 8) Tomii Electric Railway JIHA 30 type
It is a diesel railcar that appeared as a gasoline railcar at the time of manufacture. The color is the same as the old paint on the Nekoya Line.

9) 10) Tomii Electric Railway HA 30 type passenger car
It is a passenger car with the engine removed from the JIHA 30 type diesel railcar. It has been repainted to match the passenger car.

* Tomii Electric Railway and Tomii Chemical Industry are fictitious railway lines. All vehicles will be non-existent vehicles.
* Exhibition pedestal is not included.
* Super mini curve rails are not supported.

- The newly released TM-TR07 for 2-axle vehicles is compatible with the products (1) to (8) (not compatible with trailer parts).
- Trailer parts are compatible with TT-03R products (9) and (10) (not compatible with power units).

1/150 scale
* It may not be possible to complete all types.
* Exhibition pedestal is not included.
* The illustration is an image. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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