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Tomix 98774 JR Series KIHA 82 Limited Express Diesel Car (Hida/Nanki) 6 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY24,530
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The Series KIHA 80 was the first limited express diesel car that appeared in 1960, and the KIHA 82 that appeared the following year was the leading car with a penetrating forehead.
Starting from Nagoya, the Takayama area was operated by "Hida", the Kii-Katsuura area was operated by "Nanki", and "Nanki" was the last regular train of KIHA 80 series.

- High grade (HG) specifications
- The emergency exit of KIHA 80 has been abolished, and the appearance of remodeling two small windows into large windows is reproduced.
- The emergency exit of Kilo 80 has been abolished, and the appearance without the groove of the emergency exit door is reproduced.
- Head / tail lights, front display is equipped with a constantly lit board, with ON-OFF switch
- Head / tail lights and train marks are lit by light bulb color LEDs
- The train mark lights up in a color close to white due to the adoption of a color prism.
- Printed train mark comes with "folds" and "Nanki"
- The sheet is reproduced in brown for KIHA and engine color for Kilo
- JR mark (orange) and green car mark are printed
- The car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet
- Powered with flywheel
- New current collection system, black wheels adopted
- M-13 motor adopted
- TN coupler (SP) standard equipment
- Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733

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