Marumiya Foods Mabou Tofu Sauce (Medium Spicy) 162G

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Hot Mapo Tofu is a popular and loved dish among Japanese foodies. This Marumiya Foods Mabou Tofu Sauce is a medium-spicy sauce featuring a combination of tofu (bean curd) marinated in a medium-spicy chili and bean-based stock. This savory, medium-spicy tofu marinade is perfect for cooking with fermented black beans and comforting minced meat, like Japanese pork or beef. Each box of Marumiya Foods Mabou Tofu Sauce (Medium Spicy) includes 8 delicious servings at 162-grams each.

Marumiya Foods Mabou Medium-Spicy Tofu Marinade Details:

  • Made in Japan (label is in Japanese)
  • Fast shipping from Osaka, Japan
  • Product Size: 8-servings / 162g each
  • Ingredients: Chicken Meat, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Salt, Rice Vinegar, Pea Mackerel, Sesame Oil, Extract (Chicken, Yeast), Soybean Oil, Protein Hydrolyzate, Fermented Seasoning, Seasoning , Colouring (Caramel, Carotenoid), (Including Wheat, Pork part of raw materials), Trompa powder, Starch Ginger, Onions, Garlic
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and intense heat.
  • Requires preparation. Product is meant to be used as a sauce or cooking stock.

How to Make Your Own Mabou Tofu Dish at Home:

  • Add ½-tbsp of cooking oil to a pan on medium-high heat
  • When oil starts frying, add roughly 50g or so of your choice of minced meat
  • Cook until meat starts browning
  • Reduce heat and add 1 packet of Mabou Medium-Spicy Tofu Marinade with 2-tbsp water
  • Cook on medium heat until Mabou Medium-Spicy Tofu Sauce begins to boil
  • Add 200g cubed tofu and let cook for 3-4 minutes
  • Optional: add finely-chopped scallions and cook until tender
  • Enjoy as-is or serve over rice for a western twist.

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