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Aoshima Train Museum OJ 1/45 No.6 Diesel locomotive DD51 Freight A Renewal Machine Plastic Model

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MSRP: JPY16,280
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*This item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required.

-The total length is about 400 mm, and the number of parts is about 1200.
-Reproduce the outdoor unit and heater parts beside the cab with new parts
-Each cover is removable so you can see the internal engine even after it is completed.
-Etched parts, with metal seal
-The attached exhibition stand is a reversible reproduction of two types, one with a flat track bed and the other with the image of a maintenance pit line.
The main line diesel locomotive "DD51" will finish its last regular operation this spring.
The DD51 type diesel locomotive for the main line, which was added in 1962 to replace the steam locomotive that used to play the leading role in railways.
A total of 649 cars were manufactured and literally ran all over Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu, regardless of passenger or freight use.
Also, in recent years, during the heavy rains in western Japan in 2018, aircraft belonging to the Aichi engine ward played an important role in towing detour cargo on the San-In Line.
However, due to aging, the number has been greatly reduced, and finally with the timetable revision in March 2021, it will withdraw from the last regular operation.
In this product, new parts are prepared for the characteristic outdoor unit and heater parts beside the cab, and we will reproduce a cargo renewal vehicle called a cargo A renewal machine that has not been engine-replaced.
In addition to individuals who are active until the end in the Aichi engine district, you can also enjoy the cold-resistant type of the time when you belonged to the Washibetsu engine district.
Made in Japan

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