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Kotobukiya M.S.G Modeling Support Goods Gigantic Arms Order Cradle

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MSRP: JPY9,350
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Size is approx. 210 mm.

The product concept is "Final Gigantic Combination".

-It is the first core of the magnificent united gimmick, and it is a "core unit" that is supposed to work with the subsequent Gigantic Arms.

-It will be a general-purpose cockpit system that can carry an action model equivalent to 150 mm such as Frame Arms Girl.

-A gimmick that can flexibly adjust the undulations of the backrest allows for a wide range of character models.

-Please enjoy M.S.G, a new innovation that allows passengers to casually produce situations in which a character operates a large robot in animations and games, such as weapon tracers that operate the aircraft and keyboards for various operations.

-The order cradle can be played in two forms: the operation command room form equipped with `sensor` and `radome`, etc. [operation mode], and the music performance form [live mode] equipped with `drum` and `keyboard`. I will.

-The cockpit can be opened and closed by the "top cover" and "front cover". The top cover also opens and closes the face unit, allowing you to look into the character model's face while you are on board. If you expand the covers on the left and right of the face unit, a power amplifier molded with clear parts will appear.

-The "operation blocks" attached to the left and right of the cockpit are expanded to open and close the console of clear parts, and the keyboard parts are in the "operation mode" like a computer keyboard on the front side and "live mode" like a keyboard on the back side. You can enjoy.

-Weapon tracer is movable in each part, can follow the movement of the boarding character to perform the operation of operating the aircraft in the cockpit.

-The backrest of the "boarding seat" can be adjusted according to the shape of the character model that you can move to each board and board.

- "Oversized radome" has a 5mmφ meridian connection for each arm, and can be used in combination with Gigantic Arms (sold separately) and Hexa Gear. In live mode it can be used like a large drum pad.

-The "Tri-Sensor" can be deployed from the barrel type storage state, and can be used like a small drum pad in live mode.

-The "movable foot pedal" installed at the bottom of the boarding seat has 3mmφ diameter axis connections for each part and can be used in combination with various products.

-A wide range of customization is possible by adopting the same hexagram system as the hexa gear in each part.

-The round base can be disassembled and used as armor parts.



-Order cradle body x 1 set

-Drum stick x 2

-Tri-sensor x 2 sets

-Oversized radome x 2 sets

-Weapon tracer x 2 sets

-Operation block x 2 sets

-Crystal capacitor x 1 set

-Round base x 2 sets

*Frame Arms Girl is not included in the product.


*the above is an automatic translation.

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