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The Asahi Dried Umeboshi Jun (B Type) is an additive-free Japanese candy enjoyed by every generation. Many Japanese kids grow up enjoying this classic Japanese sweet that features pinkish-purple tablets made of Umeboshi, or pickled plum flesh. This nostalgic Japanese treat is made by carefully removing the seeds of pickled plum and shiso leaves of Kishu Island and freeze-drying them down to these yummy, easy-to-pop tablets. They have a pleasantly sour flavor profile just like the Umeboshi commonly found and enjoyed across Japan.

Local Japanese pro-tip: get nauseous on road trips? Pack these in your next travel bag! Umeboshi helps ease symptoms of motion sickness so you’ll be good to go on your next adventure. Thank us later!

Asahi Dried Umeboshi Candy Details:

  • Made in Japan (label is in Japanese)
  • Fast shipping direct from Japan
  • Product size: ‎ 73mm x 194mm x 86mm / 41g
  • Includes: 10 boxes / 24 tablets
  • Ingredients: freeze-dried plum pulp (Wakayama), pickled Shiso leaves
  • Contains no artificial fragrances, colorings, or preservatives
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, high heat, and humidity

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Asahi Umeboshi Jun (B Type) 24 Tablets
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