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Kato 10-005 Series E5 Shinkansen 'Hayabusa' / Series E6 'Komachi' Double-track Starter Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY45,870
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A higher-grade introductory set that allows you to enjoy two trains, the E5 Series "Hayabusa" and the E6 Series "Komachi", on a double track at the same time.
The E5 Series <Hayabusa> has been updated to the currently active form (equivalent to 10-1663) with some windows filled! You can enjoy the latest E5 Series / E6 Series Shinkansen.
With the endless PC sleeper double track with cant, two Powerpack Standard SXs, and a luxurious starter set with vehicles, you can immediately enjoy the passing operation of two trains and the combined operation that can be seen in the actual vehicle. It is recommended for those who are starting N gauge from now on, as you can expand the track plan as you like by combining various track sets and structures.

- Popular E5 series <Hayabusa> and E6 series <Komachi>. Starter set that allows you to enjoy two trains on a double track at the same time
- Full formation is completed by adding an additional set for both "Hayabusa" and "Komachi" with contrasting coloring of green and red.
- The basic specifications of the vehicle are the same as the <10-1663 E5 Series Shinkansen "Hayabusa" basic set (3 cars)> and the <10-1566 E6 Series Shinkansen "Komachi" basic set (3 cars)>.
- The track uses a unitrack double track, which is popular for its large radius (R414 / 381mm), concrete (PC) sleepers, and cant (slope). (853 mm x 1597 mm). Line set configuration: WS248PC x 5, WS124PC x 1, WS62PC x 1, WS62FPC x 1, WR414 / 381PCAL x 2, WR414 / 381PCAR x 2, WR414 / 381PC x 6, relayer x 1 (with unijoiner removal)
- Two power packs control the inner and outer wires separately. Two trains can easily pass each other. The power pack of the set adopts the high output (1.2A) "Power Pack Standard SX" and "AC adapter for starter set" that can be used for long trains.
- 16 double-track wide arch overhead wire pillars are included to realistically enhance the production during driving.
- Package size: Width 560mm x Height 385mm x Depth 135mm
- Accessories: Relayer, unijoiner removal, double track starter guide

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