7 High-Flying Plastic Airplane Models For When You Can’t Go Anywhere on Spring Break

7 High-Flying Plastic Airplane Models For When You Can’t Go Anywhere on Spring Break

13th Mar 2020

Plastic model airplanes are more than a hobby. They give you the opportunity to engage your mind and your hands, while also unleashing your imagination. Not everyone can get away for Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean you have to be bored all vacation long! With scale models at hand, you can explore the world from the comfort of your own kitchen table or workbench. Uncover the selection of  vehicle scale models, including plastic model planes, at Plaza Japan and assemble a new model that can take you away on a new high-flying adventure this Spring!

Our Favorite Plastic Model Plane Kits for All Levels

a mini plastic model plane by Aoshima

A Little Something for Beginners

If you want to find an activity to keep curious kids busy during the holiday, then plastic model airplanes will serve you well. Plaza Japan has an assortment of  model kits for beginners in an impressive variety of designs and sizes, including sizes that are just right for small fingers. 

Check out the  Aoshima brand for fun, oversized models that are perfect for child assembly. These vividly colored, chunky models are great for little ones to assemble without adult supervision because the individual pieces are larger and click easily into place. 

We recommend the  Gerry Anderson Thunderbird Mini because of its eye-catching design and bright color scheme. The details are unbelievable, as well. This plastic model plane combines the fantastic with the realistic, especially the cockpit area. Your child can stare through the windshield of the plane and create a story based on the small details they see!

French Navy Crusader plastic model plane kit

Flying the Friendly Skies to France 

All right, so you can't get away for Spring Break. Who cares? You can still see the world! With the help of Plaza Japan, you can fly the blue skies over France. How can you accomplish such a monumental adventure? Never discount the power of a plastic model plane! 

The  Hasegawa brand specializes in true-to-life fighter planes from numerous, real-life historical battles. The French Navy Crusader is one of our top favorites. Not only is it a sleek, streamlined model, but it's also a blast to assemble. 

Unlike the pre-painted kit above, it's up to you to apply the decals and paint this plastic model fighter airplane. From the historically-accurate nose-cone to the toothy, ferocious snarl adorning the front of the plane, this French Crusader is a mean machine.

a Phantom II camouflage plastic model plane kit

The Chance to Soar Unseen 

Do you envision going on high-flying, high-spying adventures? To master the fine art of subterfuge, you have to successfully camouflage yourself. That goes for missions that take place in your imagination, as well.

It takes skill to complete any model with camouflage paint. Camouflage itself is an art form (at least if you want to make it look genuine!) You can find plastic model airplanes designed for spy missions in the Hasegawa line and a variety of others. 

Take the  RF-4E Phantom II 501SQ Final Year 2020 plane, for example. After you're done, the finished product features a resplendent blue camo that's perfect for blending in with clear skies and clouds. Like the French Navy Crusader up above, the Phantom is a toothy menace, but it's more modern with a clear cockpit and an array of attached missiles.

Mitsubishi 1/48-scale plastic model plane kit

Exploring the Landscapes of Japan 

To travel to Japan over break, you need a plastic model plane that depicts vintage Japanese aircraft. As you might imagine, Plaza Japan has you covered with  authentic Japanese plastic model kits! Think about putting together the Mitsubishi J2M5 Raiden (Jack) Type 33 plane by Hasegawa. This stocky plane is built for power. It's a 1/48-scale model, so the pieces are rather small and assembly is a challenge; more experienced hobbyists may find this model perfect for their Spring Break adventure!

a Geronimo II, World War II plastic model plane

A One-of-a-Kind Model 

Do you want to spend your Spring Break working on a unique model? Turn your attention to plastic model airplanes from World War II. From their technological innovations to their distinctive designs and decals, they're true-to-life and intricately detailed. A twin-engine plane -- like the  P-38L Lightning Geronimo II from this era -- might just make you want to delve into its history. 

The P-38L Lightning Geronimo II is based on the Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter planes from WW2. Decorating it is as entertaining as piecing it together thanks to the included calendar girl decals popularized during the war.

Mitsubishi 60th anniversary-edition plastic model fighter plane

An Artful Plastic Model 

Sometimes, you have to treat yourself to a model simply because it's a special edition. Anniversary editions are always a bit more detailed than their everyday counterparts. Look for something like the  Mitsubishi F-2A 6SQ 60th Anniversary plastic model plane. It's more than enough to keep you busy during your break, and it's another model that's a pleasure to decorate once every piece is secure.

An experimental single-seat fighter plastic model plane

Getting Experimental with It 

Forget about traveling to a new destination. Shop for plastic model airplanes that celebrate prototypes and experimental designs to launch yourself into the future or to celebrate the innovation of the past. 

We have a wide selection of planes modeled after amazing aviation ideas. The  IJN Kyu-Shi Experimental Single-Seat KA-14 Fighter plane, for example, is a technological wonder from Fine Molds. Based on experimental aviation designs, marvel at the structure as you complete the model, and try to envision how it might fly!

Discover plastic model airplanes that can satisfy your wanderlust, not to mention your boredom! Get lost in the array of plastic model kits at Plaza Japan, where you can also find the  model making materials and tools you need to stay entertained all vacation long!