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Source Quality N Scale Tracks from a Vendor You Can Trust

Plaza Japan is making it easier than ever to create the perfect track system for your model trains. We offer a wide range of N scale train track pieces to help you successfully assemble your dream track. Whether you’re building a straight path, guiding turns with curved gradients, or adding something a little extra like a single track viaduct set, we’ve got you covered. When you’re ready to help your train navigate fantastic new worlds, Plaza Japan is here to help!

Plaza Japan: A Collection Built By and For Model Train Builders

Plaza Japan offers tons of amazing model train kits, tracks, and accessories that will enhance your miniature environment and help you create a stunning new world for your favorite model trains. Whether you’re looking for Tomytech, Tomix, or Kato N scale tracks, you’re in the right place — we offer tracks from today’s most popular brands. Not sure where to start? Contact our team for tips from fellow builders!

Frequently Asked Questions

New to model train building? Not sure which track set is right for your collection? Check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from builders.

What size is the N scale track?

There are two main ways to measure model train sets: scale and gauge. Most N scale trains feature a 1:160 scale — so, 160 model cars add up to the length of one real car. Gauge measures the width between a track’s railheads, and N scale tracks come in both narrow and standard gauges.

What’s the most common track size for model trains?

The most popular track size for model trains is HO scale. But, many builders opt for N scale instead. Why? N scale is about half the size of HO scale, so it’s perfect for builders creating tracks in small spaces or building complex layouts.

What do you need to build a model train track?

To build a fully functioning model train track, you’ll need the train itself (the engine and cars), a foundation for your track surface (a table or the floor), tracks, wiring, and scenery elements (like structures, terrain, or lights). Plaza Japan offers everything you need to build a functioning rail — including starter kits.

Are model train tracks interchangeable?

Gauge is the most important compatibility factor to consider when purchasing tracks for your model train. Make sure that your desired tracks are the same gauge as your cars before purchase.