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Beauty gurus and cosmetics enthusiasts will go wild for the Asian eye makeup available at Plaza Japan! Browse through our selection of Japanese mascara for lashes with Harajuku appeal and length to spare. Adopt a new aesthetic with a flick of velvety Japanese eyeliner, or take your brow game to a whole new level. You can do it all with Plaza Japan’s collection of eye makeup!

Asian Eye Makeup For an Unforgettable Look

Here at Plaza Japan, we have an assortment of Asian eye makeup targeted towards every aspect of your beautiful eyes. Do you want long, lush lashes? Use specially formulated Japanese mascara to create a full fan of thick eyelashes. Snag an eyelash curler to curl and sculpt those lashes skyward!

Are your eyebrows your main obsession? You've come to the right place! Asian eye makeup is nothing without a killer brow. Experiment with long-lasting “tattoo” brow markers that create dramatic strokes of pigmented color. Stick to pencils for a light touch that is easy to sculpt. Grab a wax to ensure that your brows remain in place -- you don't want to put in all of that work for nothing!

And don't forget the eye shadow! Want to do your makeup in the Japanese style? Look for shimmery shades of peach and pink. Swipe a hint of shadow over your lids, and adopt the Japanese eyeliner aesthetic that focuses on the upper lid. A subtle cat-eye never hurt, either!

Plaza Japan has Asian eye makeup and cosmetic products for your every need. Give your eyelashes a boost with Japanese mascara, and add a touch of color to your eyelids with Japanese eyeliner in soft, natural shades. At Plaza Japan, we've got all your beauty needs covered so shop today!